Who we are

Cluster AERO-SPACE TECHNOLOGIES, RESEARCH AND APPLICATIONS (CASTRA) is a non-government organisation in public benefit. Its members are business organisations, representatives of the  Academia – Universities and R&D  institutions and also other non-government organizations, all  with  expertise, activities and capacity to develop aero-space technologies and their application in innovative products and services , in support of   “knowledge and innovation  based  economics”.

Our  objectives

1. To co-operate in development of research, innovations and technologies within aero-space technologies and research and their applications in industry and other fields of public and private activities.

2. To support building up  of appropriate options for training, professional qualification and growth of personnel,  creating joint educational centres  and developing as well of modern educational programs for training in the field of “Aero-space technologies, research and applications” and  relevant  subjects.

3. To create a platform for information exchange, co-ordination of community program initiatives that support development in the field of “Aero-space technologies, research and applications” and improve its competition ability.

4. To create national platform for technology in the field of “Aero-space technologies, research and applications”.

5. To create increased positive community interest and adaptation towards activities in the field of  aero-space technologies, research and their applications, and towards the activities of member-organizations of CASTRA.

How are we going to achieve our objectives?

1.Through developing, creating and assisting  the application of modern political decisions, strategies, priorities, surveys and instruments for regional and national economical and social development in the field of Aero-space technologies, research and their applications.

2. Through investigation, creation and support of  database, referring to economical and resource potential of the country in the field of aero-space technologies, research and applications.

3. Through development, co-ordination, realization of national positions, priorities and surveys in national scientific programs, operative programs and other national and community instruments;  development, co-ordination and participation in projects and programs for regional economical and social development, financed from national, European and international programs.

4. Through development of surveys, co-ordination and assistance to national co-ordination authorities for  protection the interest of Bulgarian scientific, business and non-government organizations in European and international programs and initiatives (for example – the frame program of EU, etc.)

5. Through realization of projects and programs, that assist integration and co-operation in EU.

6. Through organizing of seminars, round tables, discussions, educational centres, trainings and educational programs to increase the level of knowledge and qualification of personnel, occupied in the field of “Aero-space technologies, research and applications”.

7. Through mobilizing  all  CASTRA members  to take action in attracting investments.

8. Through participation in societies with other similar national and international organizations to realize all planned activities and building up the national platform for protection the interests of various members in this field.

9. Through organization and participation in regional, national and international forums.

10. Through co-operation and consolidation of the efforts in the field of logistics, production, marketing and realization of  CASTRA products and its members.

11. Through reciprocity with government administration and authorities, and all other organizations concerned with creation and realization of  a national space program, to ensure effective and full membership of Republic of Bulgaria in the European Space Agency.

12. Through membership in European and international technological platforms in the fields of technologies, innovations and space research and applications.


CASTRA’s operational relations and interactions