M.Sc. Program “Aerospace Engineering and Communications” (AEC)

Together with the Physics Faculty of Sofia University, CASTRA established the new for the region

M.Sc. study program ‘Aerospace Engineering and Communications”  (AEC).

For details on the Program and Syllabus, please check out its site or contact CASTRA for information and translations. The program is run in three different languages – Bulgarian, English and Russian.

Additional opportunities exists for professional training and R&D services through CASTRA member organizations. Please let us know your interest!

In 2012, the AEC M.Sc. program student team won the semi-finalists place in the international Mission Idea Contest -2, in Tokyo, Japan, 2012, with a small satellite mision project “Small Communication Satellite Mission for Enhancement of Antarctic Investigations”. Please see the plaque bellow.

In 2016, a new small satellite mission proposal “Space Debris Identification, Classification and Aggregation with Optimized Satellite Swarms” developed by the AEC M.Sc. program students and CASTRA experts achieved finalists rank in the Mission Idea Contest -4 held in Varna, Bulgaria

We hope that with the contribution of new young experts and enthusiasts, the M.Sc. program team will continue its international success. Come and  join it !