(English) Expert Groups

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CASTRA  experts participate in various expert, professional  and policy-making bodies at national and international level. 


This allows CASTRA to fulfill at best its organizational responsibilities and contribute through its expertise to the development of both the public and private space sectors worldwide.



Inter-Ministerial Work Group №35 ‘Space policy“ chaired by the Ministry of Economy of Bulgaria:

Dr. Vesselin Vassilev (CASTRA)

Dipl.eng. Christina Kovatcheva (CASTRA)


Commission expert group on policies and programmes relevant to EU Space, Defence and Aeronautics Industry

Dr. Vesselin Vassilev (CASTRA), Bulgarian national representative

Consultation Platform on Quantum Space Gravimetry

Dr. Vesselin Vassilev (CASTRA), Bulgarian national representative

Horizon Europe R&D program (2021-2027)

Program Committee ‘Digital, Industry and Space’

dipl. eng. Alexandra Nikolova (CASTRA)- member

Program Committee ‘“Civil Security for Society“

Dr. Vesselin Vassilev (CASTRA), national contact point

Space Technology Expert Group :

Dr. Vesselin Vassilev (CASTRA)

Space Surveillance and Tracking Expert Group :

Dr. Vesselin Vassilev (CASTRA)

Assoc.Prof. Yavor Shopov (Sofia University,member of CASTRA)

Horizon 2020 R&D Program (2013-2020)

Program Committee ‘Space’

Dipl.eng. Christina Kovatcheva (CASTRA)

Program Committee ‘Secure Societies’ :

Dr. Vesselin Vassilev (CASTRA)

National Contact Point for Committee ‘Europe in a changing world’ :

M.Sc. Angelina Todorova-Boneva (CASTRA)

National Contact Point for Committee ‘Information and Communications Technologies’ :

Dr. Mariana Damova (Mozajka Co., associated member of CASTRA)




Nikolay Tomov (CASTRA)

Vesselin Vassilev (CASTRA)

International Academy of Astronautics :

Dr.Vesselin Vassilev (CASTRA), corresponding member

SME3SPACE – the EU space SME Association 

Dr.Vesselin Vassilev (CASTRA), BoD member