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A number of high-quality investment projects with CASTRA could  be implemented based on the existing technology expertise of the CASTRA consortia members. A dedicated JVC may need to be created as a spin-out to implement and drive each possible investment project.

Our business activities are aimed at the development and exploitation of jointly owned space-segment driven Information and Communication System(s) (ICT), which consist of space and ground based infrastructures such as constellation of small satellites (e.g. 3kg to 35kg weight); ground stations for satellite control and data communication (upload and download), ground level ICT infrastructure for data processing and dissemination; engineering and management staff.


The development,integration and business exploitation of such technology infrastructures (small satellite platforms, ground stations, software, and other related) is  relying on CASTRA members owned IP, technology and know-how, and on business partnership and technology transfers from third parties.


HIGHLIGHT: CASTRAs small satellite project announcement on the site of the Invest Bulgaria Agency:

worst case scenario  business plan figures :
The Net Present Value of this project is NPV = 11,017,721 [EUR] at discount rate of 10% and annual average growth at 5% after start of business operations in Year 3.

Please download CASTRA’s LETTER OF INTEREST bellow.

We will be looking very much forward to establish a Win-Win R&D and Business Cooperation interaction with interested partners