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CASTRA’s EVENT ORGANIZER and REGISTRATIONS site offers detailed information on the major CONFERENCES and MEETINGS organized by us. Browse the  list  and/or join the current event, or find information on a meeting in the past. ENJOY !

Brief announcements of some of our events :

2019 October 16-17  SAVE THE DATE

Geneva Canton, CENSEC, CASTRA, THALES, SAFE cluster and Avignon Airport partner in the organisation of the 3rd counter-drone solutions seminar and workshop, to be held 16-17 October 2019 at the Avignon Airport, France. PLAN TO ATTEND and network with lead professionals in the field, held  B2B meetings and joint R&D  projects discussions, including upcoming H2020 and EDIDP project opportunities. (Do not forget as well the 2024 Olympic summer games to be held in Paris, which are to require specific solutions in the drone and counter drone systems field). Contact CASTRA for further details.


2019 May 9

Roundtable discussion  on space RDI and policies in Sofia with prof. Carole Mundel, UK, Chief Scientific Adviser (CSA) at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, UK


2018 February 20
EU Industry Week, Sofia: High Time for Hi-Tech

EU Industry Week_outline

2017 July 10

Draft Programme - National Military Conference - 10 Jul 2017-04-07-17-Bg

2016 October


2015 September