Student Internship

Student Internship Projects 2020

Project “Sofia and Antarctic” by Pamela Kutsarova and Yaroslava Lebedeva

We are simulating Small Communication Satellite Mission for Enhancement of Antarctic Investigations.
We use one small satellite – CASTRA on low orbit, which is transmitting information between CASTRA, Sofia, Bulgaria Ground station and Bulgarian base, Livingston island, Antarctic Ground station.
This function can provide a range of critically important services for Antarctic stations and expeditions, such as: high-speed two-way  back haul  data  transfer  for  scientific,  safety  and  other  applications  using  “store-and-forward” technology,  off-line  two-way  operational  communication  services  for professional,  personal  or  rescue  purposes,  continental  surface measurements  of  biological  and  natural  phenomena;
Weather  monitoring  and  forecasting,  etc.
The proposed communication mode will be designed on a 50 kg small satellite at a 1500 km altitude near-to-polar orbit providing 11 Mbps in the C-band downlink channel during 15 min long sessions.
From the results of the simulation we can see that we have at least one pass with a good quality under the groundstations per day.

More information on the satellite mission for Antarctic communications is available here