Media Coverage

2019, May 1,Bulgarian National TV Europe

CASTRA’s CEO Dr.Vesselin Vassilev interviewed on the national and EU space policy and the Bulgarian priorities and latest activities in the space sector, on the occasion of the 2019  International Planetary Defense Conference and potential NEO threats to Earth.

2018, February 21, Twitter

European Commission posted a tweet on CASTRA’s organized ‘High Time for High Tech’  workshop, part of EU’s 2018 Industry Week initiative

2018, February 8,   Bulgarian National TV

CASTRA’s CEO comments on the first launch of Falcon Heavy by Space X (in Bulgarian)

2018_Feb_09_BNT_Учен_ Космосът става среда за нормална работа на човечеството

2016, Оctober, different media

Different National and regional media covered CASTRA’s co-organised 7th Nanosatellite Symposium and the 4th UNISEC-GLOBAL meeting, held 18-23 October 2016 in Varna, Bulgaria


2016, July 1st,

CASTRA activities and projects are presented in an article entitled ‘Space – business with 400% return on investment’ in the first edition of the new Bulgarian business magazine


2015, April 10, Bulgarian National TV

CASTRA’s CEO  comments on the signing the Cooperation Agreement (PECS) between the European Space Agency and Bulgaria


2014, February 25, BTV
CASTRA’s CEO comments on the CASTRA project activities

2013,  August 25,   CAPITAL weekly business newspaper

Article about the business potential of space exploration and CASTRA’s  activities as a strong driver in the field


2012, October 2, Reporter (a new daily newspaper)
Article about CASTRA’s Earth Observation microsatellite project development