Our Expertise

Interaction. Innovations. Training. Research. Development. Information. Consultancy. Transfer of technologies. Economic possibilities. Positive social and public feedback.

CASTRA members offer wide variety of collaboration and business activities  in the field of R&D and high-tech product development. Please login to the individual web pages of our members (from the MEMBERS menu) to learn more .

As a divrese and  dynamic organization, established on the grounds  of effective and complimentary  interaction between its members, CASTRA has  the knowledge, resources and energy to implement industrial and  R&D project in various  areas.

We offer :

  • research and development activities  and consultancy , including project preparation under the EU and other national  funding schemes ( Horizon 2020 and other )
  • academic education and professional training
  •  technology transfer and product development

Contact  us to discuss how can we work together towards achieving mutual benefit and inspiration !


A sample  of tentative  joint business and R&D projects which could be implemented based on the  individual contribution /need of the CASTRA consortia members is outlined bellow:

  • High-speed satellite communications
  • Small satellite platform development including subsystems and payload
  • Satellite image data processing
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)  development including composites, constructions, avionics, communications systems, telemetry, control software, power systems and other
  • UAV payload development – sensors for:  Remote Sensing,Natural Resources Discovery, LIDAR systems, Security applications and other
  • UAV pilot training programs and facilities
  • UAV test systems and simulators
  • Aircraft systems software and simulators
  • Aircraft repair and aircraft crew training   programs and facilities
  • Ground, aerial or spaceborn sensor development  for various applications, incl. environmental monitoring
  • Wireless sensor networks and GPS/GALILEO based tracking solutions
  • Solutions for automation (Software/Hardware) and remote control of industrial manufacturing lines  and processes
  • Smart Building (including Industrial facilities) automation
  • Energy efficient and environmental hazard robust LED based lightning solutions for industrial, public or business applications ( including hospitals and other low EMI requirement applications)
  • Integrated circuit design
  • Cyber security education and training
  • other custom industrial R&D activities

A presentation the core CASTRA’s capacity and expertise as presented to the European Space Agency in 2014