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CASTRA became part of European Drones Cooperation members. EDC is cooperation with a common interest in contributing to the innovation, commercialization of drone technologies and usages in Europe. The parties signed a cooperation agreement in which they are set to share the following common goals, commitments and activities:
1. mutual activity: networks and exchange between members of parties in the frame of European Projects
2. mutual orientation: briefing on new strategic initiatives and activities
3. mutual benchmarking: exchange of experience and best practice
4. annual meeting: at least once a year a meeting will be held, where the parties brief each other about the status of activities and discuss future collaboration.
5. crossover status as “Global partner”

Here you can find all current members at EDC:

Here is a link to the EDC website: https://curpas.eu/de/european-drones-cooperatioon.html

01 June – 04 June

Фирма „Синерджи симюлейшън енд трейнинг“ ЕООД ще участва в Международното изложение за отбранителни продукти и услуги „ХЕМУС 2022”, което ще се проведе в гр. Пловдив в периода 01 – 04 юни 2022 г. Посетите техния щанд G-3 в Палата 7, където с партньорите им от BOHEMIA Interactive Simulations и MASA Group ще представят най-модерните технологии за стратегически и тактически симулации, обучения и оперативни анализи, базирани на изкуствен интелект. Също така, с техните партньорите от Kärcher Futuretech GmbH, ще ви запознаят с водещи решения за водоснабдителни системи, мобилни системи за хранене, системи за полеви лагери и системи за ЯХБЗ.



31 May – 03 June

CASTRA is happy to invite you to the 9th International Workshop on Analogue and Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits for Space Applications. CASTRA‘s active member NOVOREL is among the sposors to this grounbreaking event. It will be held on 31 May – 3 June 2022 in Madrid, Spain.

AMICSA provides an international forum for the presentation and discussion of recent advances in analogue and mixed-signal VLSI design techniques and technologies for space applications.Radiation Effects on analogue and mixed-signal ICsMethodologies for Radiation Hardening on analogue circuits at cell-, circuit-, and system design levelRadiation-hardened technologies for analogue ICsRadiation tests of analogue and mixed-signal ICsQualifying and quantifying radiation-hardness of analogue circuitsSpace Applications for analogue and mixed-Signal ICsAnalogue intellectual property and re-usability of analogue circuits in spaceNeeds and Requirements for analogue and mixed-signal ICs in future space missionsIn-orbit Experiences and flight heritage of analogue and mixed-signal ICs

Starts at
Círculo de Bellas Artes of Madrid
42, Alcala Street 28014 Madrid

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Chairpersons:  Boris Glass, Daniel Gonzalez

For registration: https://indico.esa.int/event/388/registrations/229/


19 May 19:00 EEST

On 19th of May, at 19:00 o’clock, at The Venue, Incubator building, Sofia Tech Park was hosted Ratio Connect: Space event. The function is organized by Ration, in partnership with CASTRA and Bulgarian Ministry of Innovation and Growth.

CASTRA’s CEO Vesselin Vassilev was part of the key speakers at the evenr. He exchanged ideas with other professionals in the area, namely Rada Popova (space legalization expert at Isar Aerospace) and Zdravko Dimitrov (co-founder of SAT-1 & founder of Sfera Technologies). The discussion was on the topic of aerospace industry start-ups, clusters and institutions. You can see the agenda below.

On the picture from left to right CASTRA’s CEO Vesselin VassilevZdravko Dimitrov (co-founder of SAT-1 & founder of Sfera Technologies), the host Petko Zheliyazkov, Rada Popova (space legalization expert at Isar Aerospace), deputy Minister Karina Angelieva.

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/729321421814179?ref=newsfeed


Stefan Hristozov, CEO of the CASTRA partner start-up SME “‘Unmanned Systems Bulgaria’ LTD“ took part in the Space Masters Day, organized by AZO-space, European Space Agency – ESA, UP42 German Aerospace Center (DLR), Portugal Space | Portuguese Space Agency, Airbus Defence and Space. During the event inspiring presentations of 2021 Copernicus Masters were shared with the public and this has been an incredible opportunity to meet like-minded, forward-thinking innovators and exhange experience. Space Masters Day was also the Kick-off of the 2022 #CopernicusMasters Competition with presentations from Copernicus’ partners: https://bit.ly/3LUhVU3. Closing the event was the introduction of other initiatives that AZO is involved EU Global Action on Space by Kathrin Lenvain (Sturm), ESA BIC Bavaria by Thomas Ballatré & the CASSINI Matchmaking programme by Silvia Corti.


Memebers of CASTRA and CASTRA’s CEO Vesselin Vassilev took part in the Bulgaria and ESA New Cooperation State Agreement Meeting between the Ministry of Innovation and Growth and professionals in the aerospace industry, held on 8th of March. During the meeting important topics regarding the future structures and needs of Republic Bulgaria’s Space Sector were discussed in details. Many opinions among representitives of different organizations in the field were expressed in front of the Minister Daniel Lorer and Deputy Minister Karina Angelieva.


CASTRA received official information from the Ministry of Innovations and Growth of Bulgaria on the current status of the implemented projects between Bulgaria and ESA under the PECS agreement (2016-2021) (in Bulgarian, information received following a formal request by CASTRA under Bulgaria’s ‘Public Information Access Law”


CASTRA submitted its official position during the public consultation on the proposed policy papers of the newly formed Ministry of Innovation and Growth of Bulgaria  related to improving Bulgarian space sector governance.

To read the official CASTRA statement, please follow the link: https://www.strategy.bg/FileHandler.ashx?fileId=27671

With the proposed changes in the policy papers, CASTRA aims is to help the government bodies and  the wider public, and rise their awareness on the need for taking specific, well focused and efficient action on the national space sector governance approach, as well as  stronger engagement of the regulatory administration , decision makers and the national stakeholders in all processes related to developing the space economy and related R&D&I ecosystem in Bulgaria.




CASTRA established  partnership with the Bulgarian State Agency for Scientific Research and Innovations. The aim of this MoU is to encourage and stimulate the achievement of results in the sphere of science, scientific research and innovations in the areas of space/ aviation/electronics and support the development of research, innovation and technologies in the sector of Aerospace Technology, Research and Applications. For more information: https://www.sari.bg/partnyorstva/


Тhe CASTRA partner startup SME ‘Unmanned Systems Bulgaria’ LTD became the winner from Bulgaria in the 2021 annual Galileo Masters competition of the European Commission, with a project related to using Galileo satellite data for accurate UAV/drone flight operations in a city environment. The company is actively working on developing Unmanned systems Traffic Management solutions for the emerging drone/UAV industry.


LABORA EXPERT Ltd., an SME member of CASTRA, was pre-approved by ESA (the European Space Agency) for receiving a grant under the Bulgaria-ESA PECS program to implement a project related to investigating the feasibility of using meta-material optical elements (MOE’s) in the design of multi-spectral/multi-polarization SWIR imagers for space applications. The scope of the project is to execute an engineering study to prove the feasibility of using the novel meta-material optical elements (MOE) for developing future lightweight, customizable, multi-spectral/multi-polarization SWIR remote sensing imagers. The advancements of photonics science in the area of MOE for SWIR-TIR spectral ranges allow for replacing the bulky and heavy glass objectives with lightweight, thin film-based optic. In contrast to glass, the MoE nanostructures can weigh only a few tenths of grams and are limited solely by the weight of the supporting substrate and frame. The project aims to verify the robustness of MOE optical systems to space environment and missions. The potential use of such meta-optical elements for SWIR-TIR space imagers will set a completely new stage in satellite sensors applications due to the lower deployment cost, weight, and size reduction, and will forever transform what was previously considered impossible in terms of functionality and space business cases.


The book of our colleagues, Dr.Stella Tkachova, ‘Emerging Space Markets’ was published in Chinese language by the Springer Publishing house.


05-06 August

CASTRA took place in the 10th IAA Conference on Space Systems as Critical Infrastructure, New systems, new actors, new threats, which was held on August 5-6, 2021. The conference was organized by the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) and the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA).


19 July

Following a competition by the European Commission, CASTRA was elected as a member of Bulgaria of the EC expert group on EU policies and programs in the field of space, defense and aeronautics industries for the period 2021-2027. This will allow the cluster to participate and represent the interests of Bulgarian stakeholders at a such high level and to participate in the formation of relevant European policies.


29-30 June

CASTRA took part in the TechDays Meetup 2021. The meeting brought together business clusters, cluster members, industry players, academia, policymakers, tech transfer offices, SMEs, startups and entrepreneurs.


28-29 June

CASTRA took part in the information days organized by the European Commission on the first calls within Horizon Europe Cluster 4 “Digital, Industry and Space”. During the session, information on the new EU Framework Program for Research and Innovation, new funding opportunities and new rules for participation were presented.



Dr. Stella Tkatchova, a CASTRA Associate  member, has just released a new podcast on

” Emerging Space Markets: Unpacking Space Commercialization ” (listen here).

Dr. Stella Tkatchova is a project manager in the European Space Industry. She writes books and articles about the importance of commercialization of space technologies and solutions. She previously worked as project manager for Thales Alenia Space and managed long-term research innovation projects for the European Commission (EC). In the early days of her career she worked as a contractor at the European Space Agency (ESA). She was awarded a PhD by the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at TU-Delft on commercialization of space technology and also holds a Master of Space Science degree, from International Space University (ISU). Several years ago she founded and was the editor of the International Journal of Space Technology Management & Innovation (IJSTMI).

След проведен конкурс от Европейската Комисия, CASTRA сме избрани за членове от България на експертната група на ЕК по политики и програми на ЕС в сферата на Космическата, Отбранителната и Аеронавтичната индустрии за периода 2021-2027г. (Commission expert group on policies and Programmes relevant to EU Space, Defence and Aeronautics Industry) Това ще позволи да  участваме и представим на такова високо ниво интересите на българските заинтересовани страни и да участваме във формирането на съответните Европейски политики. (19.07.2021г)

Изпълнителния Директор на CASTRA,  др. инж. Вселин Василев, беше избран от ЕК за български представител

На 28-29 юни 2021 г. CASTRA взе участие в информационните дни организирани от Европейската комисия по първите покани в рамките на клъстер 4 на Horizon Europe „Цифрови, индустриални и космически“.
По време на сесията участниците получиха информация от първа ръка за новата рамкова програма на ЕС за научни изследвания и иновации, нови възможности за финансиране и новите правила за участие.



На 26-27 май 2021г CASTRA се включи във Виртуална среща на върха на космическата индустрия Бразилия-Южна Африка (SIVS). Срещата се проведе от Бразилската Космическа Агенция, Южноафриканската национална космическа агенция (SANSA), посолството на Бразилия в Претория и бразилския аерокосмически клъстер. Събитието имаше за цел да обедини космическите индустрии на Бразилия и Южна Африка за насърчаване на бизнес партньорства и сътрудничество между двете нации.
Виртуалната среща на върха на космическата индустрия е вълнуващата първа стъпка към дълга и просперираща връзка между бразилската и южноафриканската космическа индустрия.

CASTRA was invited by the Brazil Space Agency to join their first space industry suppliers catalogue (1ª Edição do Catálogo de Fornecedores do Centro Espacial de Alcântara (CEA))

CASTRA took part in the Virtual Brazil-South Africa Space Industry Summit (SIVS). The meeting was hosted by the Brazilian Space Agency, the South African National Space Agency (SANSA), the Brazilian Embassy in Pretoria and the Brazilian Aerospace Cluster. The event aimed to unite the space industries of Brazil and South Africa to promote business partnerships and cooperation between the two nations. The virtual summit of the space industry is an exciting first step towards a long and prosperous relationship between the Brazilian and South African space industries.



CASTRA experts were appointed  by the Ministry of Education and Science as Bulgaria representatives to the EU’s flagship program Horizon Europe 



CASTRA experts were appointed  by the Ministry of Education and Science as Bulgaria representatives to the EU Consultation Platform on Quantum Space Gravimettry

  • Dr. eng. Vesselin Vassilev was appointed  as a member of the Bulgarian panel


Being a member of the European SME4Space Association, the organization of the European space SME’s , CASTRA was invited to participate in the European Space Agency’s industrial consultation process to prepare a longer term strategy for the European Exploration Envelope Programme (E3P), being developed  by ESAs Directorate of Human and Robotic Exploration (HRE) , in preparation for the next Ministerial Council meeting in 2022 (tentatively, “Space22+”). As in 2019, the three E3P destinations of LEO, Moon and Mars should be seen as part of a single coherent programme and the destination-related scenarios will be integrated into a single exciting narrative for a European exploration vision and strategy, bringing benefits to citizens and contributing to global challenges.


На 18.01. Фирма ‘Haycad-infotech’ (https://www.haycad-infotech.bg), партньор на CASTRA, и представител на софтуерния пакет CATIA (https://www.3ds.com) за инженерно проектиране в авиационната, автомобилната и други индустрии, създаден оригинално от френския авиационен консорциум Dasault, организират безплатен он-лайн курс, с издаване на сертификат.

Основният курс CATIA ще Ви даде пълния набор от познания, за да работите пълноценно с програмата CATIA. В рамките на обучението ще се запознаете с основните модули на системата:
  • Sketcher
  • Part Design
  • Assembly Design
  • Drafting

Повече информация за обучението има тук:

Желаещите могат да се запишат тук:





To help the global effort to put in control the  COVID19 Pandemy, and to help save lives and relax the pandemi caused economy downturn, the CASTRA Board member, PhD Researcher Mr. Alexandar Balevsky has proposed   a  “Method For Increasing the Efficiency of Population Screening in PCR/Antigen Test Campaigns”. The proposed by him algorithm  for ‘smart’ grouping of tests for the suspected population groups, or for mass individual tests of large groups, using 2 dimensional or 3-dimensional one-shot testing, or an improved highly efficient testing using syndrome decoding of the test results, provides the possibility for very efficient, fast and reduced costs execution of PCR and Antigen tests campaign in large population groups, obtaining full coverage of the target population. As an illustration, the plot bellow shows the method efficiency (vertical axes) as function of the size of the tested population subgroup M (horizontal axes), at fixed Infection Rates (IR).



The monthly  Virtual  Meeting  of the University Space Engineering Consortium will take place at 10:00 pm (JST) on Nov 14.  Sir Martin Sweeting is to act as the guest star to answer your questions with his 50-year (!) experiences in academic and industrial small satellite fields. Also, Prof Kuwahara, a new chairperson of UNISEC-Japan, will talk about his 20-year journey with micro/nano satellites. Raihana Shams Islam Antara, POC of UNISEC-Bangladesh will present their activities – virtual cansat competition and Bangladesh Mission
Idea Contest. She is a graduate of CLTP6 and Kyutech.
A new local chapter, UNISEC-Nepal will be acknowledged . Please join the celebration!

The registration site is below:
The program and the past presentations can be found at:


Експертите на CASTRA се включиха в изпълннеие на Проект Проект BG05M2OP001-2-013-0001 на МОН „Студентски практики-Фаза 2“

Целта на проекта е предоставяне на възможности за придобиване на практически опит и усъвършестване на практически умения на студентите от висшите училища; изграждане на стабилни партньорства с образователните институциии в РБ; увеличаване стимулите на студентите за участие в допълнително практическо обучение и работа в сфета на аекокосмическите технологии и иновации.



Industrial Forum 2020

Vesselin Vassilev, CEO of CASTRA, attended a meeting of the Industrial Forum, which was held on 30.09.2020. at the International Fair Plovdiv. The main goal of the forum is to create the necessary atmosphere for building stable partnerships and continuous dialogue between the state, business and the research community in the field of defense and security. The topics of discussion were the European Program for Industrial Development in Defense (EDIDP) and the European Defense Fund (EDF) and the prospects for the Bulgarian defense industry.

Межуднародно изложение ХЕМУС за военна и отбранителна техника и Индустриален форум 2020

Веселин Василев, изпълнителен директор на CASTRA, присъства на Заседание на Индустриалния форум, който беше проведен на 30.09.2020г. в Международния панаир Пловдив.
Основната цел на форума е да създаде необходимата атмосфера за изграждане на стабилни партньорски отношения и непрекъснат диалог между държавата, бизнеса и научноизследователската общност в областта на отбраната и сигурността.
Темата на обсъжданията бяха Европейската програма за промишлено развитие в отбраната (EDIDP) и Европейския фонд за отбрана (EDF) и перспективите пред българската отбранителна индустрия.


CASTRA-CAPES Сътрудичество:

На 20 март 2020г. с цел установяване на сътрудничество с други иновационни клъстери и изграждане на транснационални клъстерни връзки, CASTRA подписа споразумение за стратегическо сътрудничество с Клъстер за приложни науки за Земята (CAPES). Клъстерът е център за високотехнологични компании и лаборатории за наука за Земята и се намира в Унгария.



Operational Programme “Innovations and Competitiveness”

Project: Research, Development and Innovation Aerospace Engineering Infrastructure

The main objectives of the project are to support the creation and operation of such specialized industrial development infrastructure for cooperation of Bulgarian SMEs and Academia which are active in the field of space industry, the development of human resources, creation of innovations and development of engineering capacity and expertise for participation in high- tech, space engineering value and production chains.

CASTRA стартира изпълннеие на Проект ” Иновационна инфраструктура за развойна дейност в аерокосмическата индустрия”- юли 2020-юли 2022

Цел на проекта: : Създаването и функционирането на такава специализирана развойна инфраструктура за сътрудничество на български МСП и ВУЗ с дейност в областта на космическата индустрия,развитие на човешки ресурс,създаване на иновации и развитие на инженерни способности за участие във високо-технологични международни производствени и бизнес вериги по космоса. (виж повече информация тук)


On April 30, 2020, CASTRA participated in an Information Session organized by the Ministry of Economy and the European Space Agency (ESA). The session was held in connection with the conduct of the Sixth Tender Procedure of ESA for Bulgaria.

CASTRA участва в Информационна сесия организирана от Министерството на икономиката и Европейската космическа агенция (ЕКА). Сесията се проведе на 30 април 2020 г. във връзка спровеждането на Шестата тръжна процедура на ЕКА за България.



CASTRA-CAPES Cooperation:

On March 20, 2020, CASTRA signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Cluster of Applied Earth Sciences (CAPES) in order to establish cooperation with other innovation clusters and build transnational cluster links. The cluster is a center for high-tech companies and laboratories for Earth science and is located in Hungary.



Проект BG05M2OP001-2-013-0001 на МОН „Студентски практики-Фаза 2“ 13.01.2020 г. – 12.05.2023 г

The aim of the project is to provide opportunities for gaining practical experience and improving practical skills of university students; building stable partnerships with educational institutions in the Republic of Bulgaria; increasing the incentives of students to participate in additional practical training and work in the field of aerospace technologies and innovations.


21 Octomber

CASTRA signed a Framework Agreement for cooperation with the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce

Framework Agreement for Cooperation was signed between the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and CASTRA. The document was signed by the Chairman of BCC Radosvet Radev and the CEO of CASTRA Vesselin Vassilev. The purpose of the agreement is for the two organizations to cooperate in supporting the development of science and technology in the space sector, promoting the achievements and potential of the high tech economy and space sector development, increasing investment in space research, cooperation with government agencies, development and implementation of a national policy and strategy for the development of space technologies and creation of conditions for Bulgaria’s membership in the European Space Agency (ESA).


10 May

CASTRA organized a working meeting with a representative of the Government of the United Kingdom

The Executive Director of CASTRA, Vesselin Vassilev, participated in the organization of a working meeting / discussion with Chief Scientific Adviser Carole Mundell . As a representative of the Government of the United Kingdom, Professor Mundell also met with Bulgarian scientists and researchers at the Bulgarian Academy of Science and later she gave a lecture to the Bulgarian public at #SofiaSciFest. She held a number of meetings with representatives of Bulgarian organizations in order to support the development of bilateral relations between the two countries in the field of research and innovation. The topic of the discussion was “Potential for cooperation between organizations from the United Kingdom and the Republic of Bulgaria in the field of activities related to national priorities in research and applied research, innovation and
business in the aerospace sector.”

CASTRA организира работна среща с представител на Правителството на Великобритания

Изпълнителният директор на CASTRA, Веселин Василев, участва в организирането на работна среща/дискусия с проф. Карол Мундел, която е известен, действащ учен астрофизик към Университета в БАТ. Като представител на Правителството на Великобритания, тя провежда редица срещи с представители на български организации с цел подкрепа на развитието на двустранните връзки между двете страни в сферата на научните изследвания и иновации. Темата на дискусията е „Потенциал за сътрудничество между организации от Великобритания и Република България в областта на дейностите свързани с националните приоритети по научни и приложни изследвания, иновации и бизнес в аерокосмическия сектор“.

Подписване на Рамково споразумение за сътрудничество с Българска стопанска камара

През 2019 беше подписано Рамково споразумение за сътрудничество между Българска стопанска камара и CASTRA. Подписи под документа поставиха председателят на БСК Радосвет Радев и изпълнителният директор на CASTRA Веселин Василев.
Целта на споразумението е двете организации да си сътрудничат за подпомагане на процесите на развитие на науката и технологиите в космическия сектор, популяризиране достиженията и потенциала на високотехнологичната икономика и развитието на космическия сектор, увеличаване на инвестициите в областта на космическите изследвания, взаимодействие с държавните органи за разработване и изпълнение на национална политика и стратегия за развитие на космическите технологии и създаване на условия за членство на България в Европейската космическа агенция (ЕКА).
За осъществяване на тези цели двете организации ще осъществяват съвместни дейности по проучвания, анализи, консултации, изследвания, обучения, участия в изпълнение на програми и проекти, научни и приложни разработки, международно сътрудничество и др., съобразно възможностите и капацитета на всеки от партньорите.


27 March

Seminar: Japanese Business Culture and Features of Doing Business with Japan/ Lector Mr. Martin Glysby

CASTRA attended a seminar on topics related to doing business with Japanese partners/understanding Japanese business culture. The seminar was organized by the Center for Foreign Economic Cooperation at the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise Europe Network and the European-Japanese Center for Industrial Cooperation. The speaker is cited as one of the top 50 most influential business educators in the world.

Семинар : Бизнес с Япония

На 27 март 2019г. CASTRA взе участие в семинар на тема: „Японска бизнес култура и особености при правене на бизнес с Япония“. Семинарът беше организиран от Център за външноикономическо сътрудничество към Българска стопанска камара, Enterprise Europe Network и Европейско-японският център за индустриално сътрудничество.


06-07 March

Industry 4.0 International Days 2019 Conference & business meetings

Vesselin Vassilev, CEO of CASTRA, participated in the Industry 4.0 International Days 2019 Conference, which was held in Lyon, France on March 6-7, 2019. He had the opportunity for B2B meetings with European and Taiwanese companies from Industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0 International Days 2019 Conference & business meetings

Веселин Василев, изпълнителен директор на CASTRA, участва в международна конференция Industry 4.0 International Days 2019 Conference, която се проведе в Лион, Франция в периода 6-7 март, 2019г. Той имаше възможност за b2b срещи с европейски и тайвански фирми от Индустрия 4.0.



Dr. Vesselin Vassilev of CASTRA was invited by the Samara University, Russia, to be part of the professional Jury evaluating the student teams small satellite projects, developed during the 2018 annual Samara Space School. For more information, please visit: https://volgaspace.org



(обновена последно в 06.10ч на 2 април 2018)

Както може би знаете, очаква се китайската космическа станция TIANGONG 1 да падне на Земята на  2 април 2018. Виж кратко описание на станцията тук. По последни окончателни прогнози и информация от Европейската система за спътниково наблюдение и SATCEN, НЯМА вероятност РБ да бъде засегната. CASTRA получава официални ежедневни прогнози за времето и района на падане от SATCEN, отговорните институции в РБ са информирани и в готовност на оперативно ниво.

Последната прогноза  за траекториите на последните три обиколки на космическата станция е от 2 април 2018 01.53ч българско време както следва:

  • очаквано време на навлизане в атмосферата 00:49:00 UTC на 2 април 2018, или 03:49:00 ам  българско време. По актуални данни, това се случи на 2 априли 2018г, в 00:16 UTC  или  03:16 ам Българско време, т.е в рамките на очаквания период от време по номинал.
  • номинални координати на навлизане в атмосферата: Lat. 8.900S / Lon. 18.100W, което се намира в Атлантическия океан, близо до бреговете на Африка. По актуални данни, това се случи в координати Lat. 13.600S / Lon. 164.300W, в акватаорията на Тихия океан. Това отклонение е пропорционално на по-ранното от прогнозното реално навлизане в атмосферата,в рамките на очакваната грешка.
  • грешката във времето по горе е ±2h, т.е. събитията по-горе могат да се случат във времевия интервал +/- 2 часа. По актуални данни,реалната грешка във времето е 33минунти, т.е. в рамките на очакваната.

ВАЖНО : По тази последна прогноза, НЯМА риск за РБ поради изключване изцяло на възможни траектории на разпадане минаващи над територията на РБ и поради  повишена точност на прогнозата както е показано на фигурите по-долу. Съществува обаче риск за страните които попадат в района на възможните траектории на TIANGONG 1 в указания по-горе времеви интервал, указани на илюстрациите по-долу.

Илюстрацията по долу от Европейската Космическа Агенция показва реално изображение в космоса на TIANGONG 1 от назаем радар, и компютърен модел за симулация на полета на космическата станция. (Видео може да се види в YouTube).

Очаква се между (10-40)% от масата на TIANGONG 1 (която е около 8000 кг) да не изгори в атмосферата, и някои трудно-топими матераили като специална керамика, елементи от титаниеви сплави и др. подобни, с тегло до няколко килограма да достигнат повърхността на Земята. Средната скорост на движение на отломките в атмосферата се очаква да бъде в интервала до около 440-500 км/ч. Най-добрата защита от тях е престой на закрито в сграда в интервала време от очакваното навлизане в атмосферата до очакваното достигане на отломките до Земната повърхност, т.е. около 12 минути.

Илюстрацията долу от IAASS – the International Association for Advancement of Space Safety показва типичното разпределение на отломки при неконтролируемо навлизане на космически апарат в атмосферата на Земята.

2018 February

CASTRA was presented at the 2018 meeting of the American Association for Advancement of Science (AAAS) held in Austin, Texas, USA, by Mr. Ivo Konstantinov, Commercial Counselor and Trade Attache at the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Washington DC, USA, as part of the EU delegation.


2018 January

CASTRA’s associate member, Dr. Stella Tkatchova, published on Springer a new book on the emerging space markets. See an outline bellow and order the book on Amazon.



2017 December

CASTRA’s CEO attended the 5th UNISEC-GLOBAL meeting held at Sapienza University, Rome. Find bellow the presentation given on behalf of the UNISEC-Bulgaria Local Chapter describing its activities through 2017.




5-6 November 2013

CASTRA was present at the Bulgarian-Slovak business meeting in Bratislava held during the visit of Bulgarian President Mr. Rosen Plevneliev to the Slovak Republic. CASTRA’s CEO Mr. Vesselin Vassilev had meetings with several Slovak companies interested in potential business collaboration with CASTRA



16 October 2013

CASTRA representatives took part at the first Horizon 2020 Space Call topics information day, held in Sofia, Bulgaria


7 October 2013

CASTRA signed contract with the Ministry of Economy and Energy, Bulgaria, to receive ~1 million Euro grant for implementing its 1.8 million Euro budget project on building a small commercial satellite with telecommunication and Earth Observation functions

30 September – 5 October 2013

CASTRA was presented at the 2013 International Technical Fair , Plovdiv, Bulgaria. We thank a lot for the sponsorship of the Technology Transfer Office of Sofia University.



3 October 2013

CASTRA and the ‘Aerospace Engineering and Communications’ M.Sc. program of Sofia University, hosted together a seminar given by Mr. Tony Kanev, M.Eng, on the latest news from the MAKS 2013 air and space show, Moscow, Russia. It was an inspiring and highly educational event !





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